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First off, I'd like to apologize for going on a long hiatus. The article that I'm about to write here is an introduction to Canon's new Cinema EOS Cameras and is written with little research, so if I happen to misunderstand certain parts, please do inform me. Thanks dear patron.xoxo

Ahh~ here it is, Canon's latest creation, the C300

The C300 & C300PL
"It's two different cameras by the way..."

 I just got word from a friend about Canon's latest camera to come out since the dslr revolution. Apparently, there's two cameras' they're releasing out soon. The C300 is reportedly going to be released on Jan 2012 while the C300PL, on March 2012. Both are purely digital cameras. These cameras are reportedly made to break into Hollywood. Which begs this question: why would Canon release cameras meant for Hollywood if these cameras are meant to capitalize on the DSLR craze? I mean, according to, the C300 costs around $20,000! DSLR enthusiasts and indie filmmakers wouldn't be too happy with the price.

Now that we've got pricing out of the way, let us talk about the specs of these cameras. The cameras are 8.3 megapixels on a large super 35mm sensor(24.6 x 13.8mm) which most sources say is almost equivalent to true 4k resolution. The downside though is that the camera ultimately downsamples the video to 1080p. Don't fret though, these cameras do have a HD-SDI output to get your pristine 10 bit uncompressed picture bypassing the cameras own downsampling. If you're a filmmaker on a shoestring budget, then perhaps there's no running away from the downsampling, but at least find comfort in knowing that your media will be captured on the 2 CF card slots(time to do some hotswapping!). On another note, apparently, the color sampling of the camera records signal just like a 3 chip sensor block would. One block for Red, Green and Blue respectively unlike how conventional CMOS sensors work.
"Each primary color sampling off of the sensor is native 1920×1080, each color value alone is equal to the final output resolution"
Other than that, here are some of the highlights of these cameras:
Also, I'd like to add that, along with the introduction of these cameras, Canon also announced its range of new Cinema EOS lenses.
That's right; it's 4K ready!
Screengrab from the official website itself:
These Cinema EOS lenses are made alongside the cameras stated above to aid in their 4K adventures. There's 3 prime lenses; 24mm, 50mm and 85mm at t1.5, t1.3 & t1.3 respectively. And the zoom lenses from this group consists of a 14.5-60mm at t2.6L and 30-300mm at t2.95-3.7L. All are EF lenses(the zoom lenses do have a PL variant also) which offer brilliant 4k image quality. The price is reported to be around $45,000 for the 14.5-60mm and $47,000 for the 30-300mm while it is estimated, the primes are estimated to be little less than 10k.

More information on the Cinema EOS lenses here!

To conclude my very short article: are these cameras worth our time and money? Did Canon make the right move forward? only time will the meantime, drop your input at the comments section below. Oh and not to forget, Canon Cinema EOS cameras and lenses still have to rough it out with the newly announced ScarletX, priced around 10k!

P.S. I'll write a more extensive review of this camera soon(perhaps tomorrow, do keep a lookout)



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