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I had a chat with a friend yesterday on how the editing scene is going to change now since more people are using youtube and that fcpx was made with the general consumer in mind. I, being my usual self, told him that we are all doomed as this would get us out of our jobs. So, him, being himself, told me that this idea is too far fetched. Bottomline, according to him is that we are still not going to lose our jobs. He added...and I quote;

"...[We] will lose our jobs when After Effects and Maya become available as a consumer product"

My reply was that is going to be impossible for AE and Maya to be 'consumerized'. You cannot try to simplify the buttons and functions of these softwares, that would lessen it's power(but it is possible though).

What he told me next was that editing is commonplace nowadays, but what seperates us and the consumers is the skills that we have. We know that there are many components that make up video like 3D, live action, planning, camera choice etc. So then he said;

"In the end, if you give a consumer a 5D MK II and fcpx, it will still look amatuer without planning, professional actors, compositing and color grading software, the know hows to operate. A company could tell it's accounts department people to make a television commercial yes, but do you think it will look worthy to be on tv?"

And then he continued; "That's why we are still wanted. As for why I said we will lose our jobs when AE and Maya becomes consumerized is this; that editing is a skill which all of us must have. A media creator nowadays will have to edit at some point or another, it is not a biggie, but when the general mass knows how to do compositing and 3D, then, we won't have anything valuable as an asset"

To a certain point, I agree with his words. Until today, I'm still thinking about it. What do you all think? Let me know in the comments below. Godspeed my friends.



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