The Latest Squeeze! My top 10 photos of this year

Every once in awhile, I'd like to see my personal works online to admire them. Some to adore, some to reflect, all of them to help me keep track of my progress. Without further ado, my 10 best photos of this year;)

1. With all the gear I can amass, I made a studio shoot!

2. I really love the dynamism here

3. All the birthday smiles! :)

4. A panorama of Chinatown. Stitched and HDR
5. I love the grungy look to this photo, which is the theme of the film.

6. You know, it's hard to light a minature figure, but well, I can say, I'm proud of this

7. Somehow this reminds me of Citizen Kane

8. I love this shot. All I needed to do was call her name and...snap! very tender

9. I sort of 'tracked' them so they're clear against the background. Not the best, but I love the expression!

10. It took me a good hour to get comfortable to these fellas. Jackfruit almost dropped on me.

Do drop any feedback,likes or any disagreements in the comment box below. Help a noob improve please;P

© 2013 Fadly.M.H.Wychowvski


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