Building a video editing PC(Part I)

I just wanna throw it out there; my iMAC is not just getting old and phased out. It leaves me no room for upgrading. I love apple. It's user friendly. It has an intuitive user interface. It just looks slick...but...for the money I put into it, for the objective I'd initially wanted to use it for, I realized I could be better off building a PC with parts specific to what I need. Plus, it gives me room for expandability. 

I watched the biopic movie: Jobs, recently...and then it struck me. Apple's main aim all along was to make personal computing that much more simpler. That has been it's aim and will always continue to be. And so, for the intermediate guy like me, well, an apple computer is good, but is it the specialist computer I needed it to be? I don't think so. Besides, I went around trying to exchange my early 2008 iMAC and macbook...and...what I got...not good. One thing, the iMAC will only sell at 400SGD max, that's if your lucky enough. And to add to that, all shops I went to wanted to check for:

1. Yellow edges on screen
2. usability of the built-in DVD drive

For macbooks, they wanted to check:

1. Battery
2. Basically, most if not all shops don't entertain the macbook anymore.

I suppose these are common problems for 5+ year apple products. So I'm not gonna argue though. My macs have served me and is still serving me well(compared to other macs of the same age which died awhile ago, I asked a few friends.) Therefore, I've decided to get to build myself a new PC...and keep to my macs for emotional/leisure purposes.

So I'm checking out some videos for building a pc for editing. I'd say, there's a lot of gaming pc builds but well, I'd want to build an editing PC instead. So as you'd guess, I went to scour the internet for research and youtube was one of the first places to check out. 

The first ever videos I'd watched on PC building was Dave Dugdales' "My Monster Video Editing Computer Build". It was very informative for a newbie like me, but well, I gotta beef it up. So on I went about reading up and talking to friends who've actually assembled a PC. I got some great advice; for example, this website; . At least I know now that I would run into less of a problem running my new pc. 

Also I remembered that my media team members and I used to negotiate for a PC building project not too long ago. Here's a snapshot of our items we needed: 

It's considered quite extravagant already. And this was our first draft. Off course, we had to shave off a few loose ends towards the end. I figured this would also be a great start to how, where and what to buy. I'm soon going to be assembling my PC. Cant wait;)

Anywayys~ back to the main point. I went around looking for videos and found this gem. This 2-part series raised alot of questions about PC building I'm not aware off. Gonna do some more research before I dive into the parts.

I figured I might as well write down my progress and my thoughts on this whole "building my pc" thingy so If I made some errors, people would actually point it out. I'll keep you guys posted until I finally finished building this PC, wish me luck:)

© 2013 Fadly.M.H.Wychowvski


  1. great job bro, I am keen to build one too. am using a imac and found that not enough for photo editing. its is never enough. do share with me yr final product so I can also maybe consider go into it. drop me a email ya gd luck bro

    1. Hi Ben, just keep reading updates on my blog and you'll be updated on my progress:) An imac will phase out quickly and the fact that you can only upgrade ram and replace harddrive(not easy) is a major turn off for me. The latest imacs are now ultra slim, which leaves even lesser room for expandibility. Personally, I'd just keep apple to my ipod and ipad.


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