Guest Article #1 (Thank you Sophiena)

This week, I'm gonna feature an article written by a dear friend on her thoughts about photography. The article focuses on the beauty of the art, not the technical side for which I have a tendency to nag to all my readers about. Take a second to read this wonderful article. We've all been trapped there somewhere, where we forget that it is the user that takes the photos. Thus, I present to you...

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

photography is something i enjoy occasionally, to me it is about capturing the scene that opens to you or speaks to you in a very intimate way. i love sunrise and sunsets because the warmth light that dawns on you  potraying to you of a new day to start and to end filled my very simple heart with contentment.

taking photos to me is not about the quality or how expensive a camera should be to take a good decent picture. it is also not about the brand like nikon or canon. i have a few friends that spend that much money just to take a picture with more inspiration. they say having a branded camera makes them feel good and do good. however, i dont feel the same. i felt that the sole purpose of a camera is to find your inspiration. you feel inspired when you know you love to take photos of a theme or a genre that seems to speak about you, your character.

to me , to know someone is through what they have potrayed in their photo taking and it explains their lifestyle. photos are life that are frozen with the moment, it is a simple way of potraying pictures that speak a thousand words. it is an art in a way because people take photos of what they seem delectable to them. photos are like your opinion of which is voiced out in an untangible way. whenever, i have friends who shows their favourite photos like a skyscraper or a living thing that dawns on them like how sunsets and sunrise dawns on me , it is like we speak the same language, same frequency

so i never underestimate or look down on their photography. it is their art, their opinion, their lifestyle which rounds them into people we know.i never look down on photos they taken because no matter what camera they used, it doesnt need to be a branded camera or an iphone . what it takes a person to appreciate is the meaning that it means to you such as the inspiration you found with the camera, the bond you have with the photos, the enjoyment you have as a person or together with your friends. that makes your photos meaningful, resourceful and notably inspires people as how the photos share to you the secrets of life . 

and thus here are my final words for the noblesse  of Photography:

" it is not the straight lines that makes a photo perfect, it is the character that it brings out of it."


-Thank you Sophiena!-

© 2012 Fadly.M.H.Wychowvski


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