10 most outrageous photos of Chinatown

Temple of Chinese Heritage (HDR Image. Canon EOS 60D. 1/2 sec, 1/8 sec & 1/30 sec, @ f3.2, sigma 17-70mm(17)

Far East Square (HDR Image. Canon EOS 60D. 1/25 sec, 1/60 sec & 1/160 sec, @ f4, sigma 17-70mm(17)

Best Satay Seller (Canon EOS 60D. 1/30 sec @ f1.8, 50mm prime)

Lone Satay Seller (Canon EOS 60D. 1/60 sec @ f1.8, 50mm prime)

Skyscrapers (Canon EOS 60D. 1/13 sec @ f3.2, sigma 17-70mm(17)

Temple Lion Guard (Canon EOS 60D. 1/40 sec @ f1.8, 50mm prime)

Red Vs Blue (Canon EOS 60D. 1/20 sec @ f7, sigma 17-70mm(17)

As calm as hindu cows (Canon EOS 60D. 1/10 sec @ f3.5, sigma 17-70mm(34)

Hindu Temple near Chinatown (Canon EOS 60D.  1/25 sec @ f3.5, sigma 17-70mm(38)

Chinese Heritage Temple (HDR Image. Canon EOS 60D. 1/4 sec, 1/10 sec & 1/25 sec @ f2.8, sigma 17-70mm(17)

Here are new photos I've gotten during an awesome night-out in the chinatown district in Singapore. Please leave feedback. 

© 2012 Fadly.M.H.Wychowvski


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