Motion capture experiment

A clearer version is available at this vimeo link

Went around the streets looking for interesting movement to capture. Sports would be a good start. Decided to do a badminton and stunt bike montage first. It's been awhile since I've been very active. I feel very miserable nowadays not being able to do what I do and get close to my equipment. Forgive me for being a little whiny here but, i, errr... I just wanna let it out somewhere.

Well, I haven't been myself. I have officially rusted. Somehow, somewhere, the camera doesn't feel like an extension of my hand like it used to although the blood that is pumping from my heart circulates in the camera. I find my camera movements not as silky as I'd prefer it the last time.Most of all...

I haven't kept myself updated with the news of DV. Means, I am technically living in the 'past' even as we speak. Every weekend, when I return to civilian life, I hear news about the digital world that shock me. <sigh> Anyone out there can spare me some words of comfort and encouragement?



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