Trip to Joo Chiat

Made a trip to Joo Chiat today. Along the way, I decided to take pictures. I took around 20 shots but decided to put up just 4 here. I didn't think of a specific theme to when I was taking those pictures, but now I think I know: Chinese motifs.

A miniature kingdom made out of paper. Very symbolic in buddhist rituals in Singapore.
© 2011 Fadly M.H Wychowvski

A close-up shot of the "paper" kingdom itself. Would've preferred an ancient chinese emperor standing in between the doors though. Too bad, my animation skills ain't good enough
© 2011 Fadly M.H Wychowvski 

Felt I needed to take another wider shot of the shot previously.
© 2011 Fadly M.H Wychowvski 

Innitially, I wanted to insert some peach blossoms falling from the trees. Figured it'd be too superficial, but that was what's going through my mind at the time I took this.
© 2011 Fadly M.H Wychowvski 

I haven't been as diligent enough as I'd want to be in my photography side though. Too much things to do these days(especially when I'm always reading up video & animation production sites to update this blog!) I'm posting it up on my flickr page. Do visit it once in awhile. Once I get more photography specific gear, I'll take more great photos, I guarantee you!

P.S. Lion OSX has a strange way of scrolling.



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