Test shoot for 50mm prime

Photo gotten from http://camerani.com/canon-nifty-fifty-50mm-f1-8-prime-lens-first-impressions/

I did a test shoot for the 50mm EF lens that my friend has. He just wanted to see how the images I shot will turn out. Personally, I'm not a fan of the Bokeh very much because I love wide shots and architecture. I like my images to be sharp. The only exception to that being in making narrative films/videos as to keep the focus central. So, well...I did use the 50mm...and here's the result.

P.S. The video is in 360p...it's not optimum...my vimeo page has a higher res link. http://vimeo.com/27590026

Anyways, you know what? Had I have with me my full gear plus audio equipment, I would've done something like Philip Bloom's "Venice's People". Amazing. Alas, gear doesn't come cheap this days, especially for a fresh grad.
Video gotten off youtube;Philip Bloom's "Venice People"

...Could have...Should have...made it more narrative.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I tried filming wedding once with a 50mm. It adds alot of feelings to the scene.

  2. Thanks Billy! glad you liked it. If you have a blog of your own do let me know so I can read more. =]

  3. Hi Fadly, you may view mine blog @ http://billshootfilm.blogspot.com/

  4. Great stuff you have there Billy. If you're reading this, sorry for my late reply. been occupied with NS.

  5. Hey Fadly, How's Army? Lol. Heard these days, you guys are issued iPads. Pretty cool huh.

  6. Yep issued ipad. but not for my company though.Sadly enough. heh. I just did up a latest article with the latest video and wrote my sentiment about army life, you can check it out there. by the way Billy, you wanna go shoot sometime soon?

  7. Hi fadly, dropped you an email. check it out when you see this reply, cheers!



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