An Idea for a stereoscopic film using a single camera

I have been thinking about it. Here's my theory on how we can all do a stereoscopic effect using only a single camera.

1) Record your footage in a 1920/1080p
2) In post, create an editing format which is 1280/720p, and insert in the video footage without resizing it
3) duplicate the video footage
4) Put both identical footages slightly off from one another in the x axis but on the same y-axis(vertical)
5) From here on, just set your 'red and green' channels

I haven't personally tested it out myself but it sounds like a feasible thing to do. I haven't had my 3D glasses, I don't know where I placed them, but as soon as I find it, I'll do up a video showcasing this. I hope this some way.


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