A fighter in his own right

I'd just like to dedicate this post to mourn the loss of a great friend. An even greater human being. He passed on two days prior to today while battling a form of rare tissue cancer. He was very reserved and close to me and a few of my circle.  This came as a form of shock for me as he, my friends and I would meet up at least twice a week before the few months which he MIA-ed from us, never to return. He stated that he needs to "finish up some unfinished business" and that he was busy. Never did it occur to us that he was receiving treatment by himself through the 3 months plus he was away from us. Calls and text messages weren't answered. His reason that we found out later from his mother was that he didn't want to worry us. He appeared online once or twice and when questioned, he said, he would return back during july/august and then, poof, went offline. We were hoping and waiting he would. We shared big dreams together, I'd say that I wanted to work with him on projects in the future, he said he would welcome it.

As he went through the furnace of cremation, memories flood through my mind of a friend who had been so dear to me. We had spent most of our high school life together. I would frequent his house in the mornings and we'd have breakfast at Ah Mei's in hougang point, afterwhich, we'd spent more time in his house playing video games. He has never been affected by relationships, fashion or anything, the modern materialistic world would've.

The last time we met, he had a swelled up hand to which I didn't know the severity of. He'd persevere with my friends and I through video game session, mashing buttons on those console controllers or on keyboards and then later he'd be by himself, rubbing his sore hands. I remembered his hands shivering once and he mentioned how painful it was.

Surprisingly, after his death, it was told to us that even in his deathbed and through countless surgeries, he didn't scream or yelp out in pain. His face looked calm, but his grip, deathening. A few more revelations came as it was mentioned, he did alot of community and charity work to which, we didn't even know he did. For us, we happen to contact each other almost everyday and he didn't seem busy. He always had time for us. It is sad, death only takes the best of us.

Now that he is no more. I can't seem to shake off the void in my soul. For, a perfect gentlemen has gone. No more video game stress-relieve sessions with him anymore.

Oh how I wish I wasn't busy with work, so I could have innitiated to contact him and go to his house to knock on his door(my friends and i had been planning to). It's too late now. I am sorely saddened and disappointed. All throughout, he requested his family members to not bother his friends( he has always separated friends from his family life vice versa), his family respected his decision. He should've told us.

Remember his name: Anees.

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