I am proud of "Band Of Mischief"

B.O.M Trailer

"...it[the film] is a complex story that makes the audience think...[it] is a film that cannot be easily copied"
                                                                                                                            -Eugene Choy, Founder of Pixsync pte ltd

I have had the pleasure of seeing this wonderful piece of film called "Band Of Mischief" come into fruition. In the film, i took on the role of Assistant producer. Nevertheless, the achievement that I have felt today after receiving the award is tremendous. Seeing it on the big screen for the first time was earth shattering. [It was shown in the Golden Village franchise theatre in the largest shopping mall in Singapore, VivoCity]

My team and I won the Best Picture award for the film in the KINO awards. It is an award ceremony aimed at showcasing the final year films of the graduating batch from Singapore's premier film school in Ngee Ann Polytechnic; Diploma in Film, Sound & Video. Ok, enough of bragging. What I wanted to write today is what makes the film successful. It is my opinion off course...feel free to comment on what you think makes or break the movie below!

  •  The movie tackles major moral and social issues facing the world at large. Conformism, Bullying are the main things I think the movie brings out well. The twist at the end also display how we take our own lives for granted when the handicapped are making the most of theirs when they should resent.
  •   B.O.M is incredibly easy to follow. Structured neatly in chronological order. No fancy stuff. Just plain 'ol storytelling.
  •  The twist at the end adds a new dimension to the story. Without the end twist, I've thought that the victory attained by Arthur and co. was hollow.
  •  Some of the lines that were created sounded very well thought of and concise in describing or moving the story forward. e.g "A lizard doesn't get away without losing it's tail" and "What's a devil without his dagger?" etc. Besides that, don't all film-goers enjoy iconic lines from movies?
  •  Personally, I like it when the movie switches between black-n-white and color. B&W for the beginning of the movie until he joins B.O.M and then back to B&W after the completion of their kidnap objective really lifted the scene accordingly to the mood intended.
Ok, so there you have it. My opinion. I can't allocate how many stars I'm going to give as it is not fair. Why don't you do it instead?;]


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