Fluid Camera+Human movements

  " [T]he camera as [a] pen."

                   -Alexandre Astruc

  Lately, It dissatisfies me that human movements and fluidity of it is not captured very well in short films. Especially, the people new to video. What replaces these shots are static shots with talents mostly moving in a somewhat 2D way[Left to right or vice versa].If we can't capitalize on this advantage that video has over photo, we're all doomed I tell 'ya! I suggest movement of camera, motivation of cam movement through talent or a static frame with a 3D perspective/ vantage point. Can you imagine a kung fu fight scene that is filled with static shots?

 In this regard, what I'll set out to do today is to get shots of people working and interacting. Then, I will proceed to experiment with the process of making the action fluid. I feel that it is important to liberate the camera. Camera movements should take up 99.9% of working shots. 

I'll post the video up here soon. Keep a lookout for this space! 



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