Amazon: You have just purchased a manfrotto 561B

Ok so. I just purchased a manfrotto 561B from amazon. I am broke.Why? I didn't think Amazon would deduct the cost for the monopod immediately(unlike ebay which I'm used to). Anyway, I have just received what would be my buy of the year!. What I'm told is that this sweet thing is discontinued in Singapore. I have no idea why. Without further ado let's get to the features;

1) It has a mini tri-stand at the bottom which makes it stable[relatively]
2) It has a fluid head found on most video tripod
3) But it is essentially a monopod

Previously, with my other monopod, I've been able to do 'crane shots', 'make-shift steadicam shots'[ I tie a 1.5 litre bottle at the end to make it stable, somewhat] and most importantly, I can setup and tear down in an instant. I think it's a very important feature when doing events on the fly.

Here's a video I did from vimeo which shows you what I can do with any regular monopod;

Check out the link above. Eventhough it's done with a regular monopod, think of the possibilities if I had used the 561B instead. I think this monopod 561B is a worthwhile investment for any hdslr shooter.


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