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I had a chat with a friend yesterday on how the editing scene is going to change now since more people are using youtube and that fcpx was made with the general consumer in mind. I, being my usual self, told him that we are all doomed as this would get us out of our jobs. So, him, being himself, told me that this idea is too far fetched. Bottomline, according to him is that we are still not going to lose our jobs. He added...and I quote;

"...[We] will lose our jobs when After Effects and Maya become available as a consumer product"

My reply was that is going to be impossible for AE and Maya to be 'consumerized'. You cannot try to simplify the buttons and functions of these softwares, that would lessen it's power(but it is possible though).

What he told me next was that editing is commonplace nowadays, but what seperates us and the consumers is the skills that we have. We know that there are many components that make up video like 3D, live action, planning, camera choice etc. So then he said;

"In the end, if you give a consumer a 5D MK II and fcpx, it will still look amatuer without planning, professional actors, compositing and color grading software, the know hows to operate. A company could tell it's accounts department people to make a television commercial yes, but do you think it will look worthy to be on tv?"

And then he continued; "That's why we are still wanted. As for why I said we will lose our jobs when AE and Maya becomes consumerized is this; that editing is a skill which all of us must have. A media creator nowadays will have to edit at some point or another, it is not a biggie, but when the general mass knows how to do compositing and 3D, then, we won't have anything valuable as an asset"

To a certain point, I agree with his words. Until today, I'm still thinking about it. What do you all think? Let me know in the comments below. Godspeed my friends.


2011 Zacuto's great camera shootout

Folk's this is the teaser for the Great Camera Shootout by Zacuto, gotten off from youtube

Here's the link to the first part for all you interested folks!



New forum created!

I am glad to announce that the community forum is up on the tab on the top of this page! Go there, sign up with freesmfhosting.com to read up on discussions and also continue the discussion. You can also post up new topics about our passion in experimenting in this medium.  Enjoy your time at the forum people! ;D


Dragan Effect

Done by me
#1 Dragan Victim
I don't think it's much of a success. I'll try again though. This is my first attempt. Let me know what I lacked in this picture. Thanks to Jonathan James Danker for his kind participation in this. you'll get to see more of his photos coming up as I got a couple of shots of 'The Pixsyncs' Best Photographer'.


Behind The Scenes of Avalanche's Music Video

Avalanche's teaser video for "In Echoes" done by me

 Check out the video and let me know what u think! =]


Upload your videos!

Hi guys, I'd want to upload your videos on my page so that the whole community can learn from each other. Just send me the links to your videos below, so I can review them and post it up on the page. I'll put up the videos that are up for contention and what I feel the whole of the video community can learn. There are no limits as to what you can put up[animation, 3D, Timelapse etc].

Once the videos are up, I'll make a vote poll to vote for your favorite videos. Remember, your videos must be from youtube! =]


Dragan Effect

Disclaimer: Photo not mine and is for purpose of fair use, visit Andrzey Dragan's site(below) for more: 

Just learnt about the dragan effect from my colleague today after we were going through the HDR process when I asked him; "Jon, how do I make the make the details crisp and sharp?"

Next thing you know, we were going through www.andrzejdragan.com. The photos were so amazing. I'm so determined to do mine!!

Found this on youtube which might benefit us all who'd want to try this effect: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lLupW40QlM

I'm still thinking of how to do this with video though. Can you imagine the possibilities of all these? amazing work man.

Please visit andrzey dragan's website. It'll be the best few minutes(or hours of your life).

P.S. On another note, if you guys are interested in HDR, check out davehillphoto.com. and if you interested to venture into HDR video, maybe you can check out this video: http://vimeo.com/16414140

Disclaimer: Photo not mine and is for purpose of fair use, visit Dave Hill's site(below) for more:


Fluid Camera+Human movements

  " [T]he camera as [a] pen."

                   -Alexandre Astruc

  Lately, It dissatisfies me that human movements and fluidity of it is not captured very well in short films. Especially, the people new to video. What replaces these shots are static shots with talents mostly moving in a somewhat 2D way[Left to right or vice versa].If we can't capitalize on this advantage that video has over photo, we're all doomed I tell 'ya! I suggest movement of camera, motivation of cam movement through talent or a static frame with a 3D perspective/ vantage point. Can you imagine a kung fu fight scene that is filled with static shots?

 In this regard, what I'll set out to do today is to get shots of people working and interacting. Then, I will proceed to experiment with the process of making the action fluid. I feel that it is important to liberate the camera. Camera movements should take up 99.9% of working shots. 

I'll post the video up here soon. Keep a lookout for this space! 


I am proud of "Band Of Mischief"

B.O.M Trailer

"...it[the film] is a complex story that makes the audience think...[it] is a film that cannot be easily copied"
                                                                                                                            -Eugene Choy, Founder of Pixsync pte ltd

I have had the pleasure of seeing this wonderful piece of film called "Band Of Mischief" come into fruition. In the film, i took on the role of Assistant producer. Nevertheless, the achievement that I have felt today after receiving the award is tremendous. Seeing it on the big screen for the first time was earth shattering. [It was shown in the Golden Village franchise theatre in the largest shopping mall in Singapore, VivoCity]

My team and I won the Best Picture award for the film in the KINO awards. It is an award ceremony aimed at showcasing the final year films of the graduating batch from Singapore's premier film school in Ngee Ann Polytechnic; Diploma in Film, Sound & Video. Ok, enough of bragging. What I wanted to write today is what makes the film successful. It is my opinion off course...feel free to comment on what you think makes or break the movie below!

  •  The movie tackles major moral and social issues facing the world at large. Conformism, Bullying are the main things I think the movie brings out well. The twist at the end also display how we take our own lives for granted when the handicapped are making the most of theirs when they should resent.
  •   B.O.M is incredibly easy to follow. Structured neatly in chronological order. No fancy stuff. Just plain 'ol storytelling.
  •  The twist at the end adds a new dimension to the story. Without the end twist, I've thought that the victory attained by Arthur and co. was hollow.
  •  Some of the lines that were created sounded very well thought of and concise in describing or moving the story forward. e.g "A lizard doesn't get away without losing it's tail" and "What's a devil without his dagger?" etc. Besides that, don't all film-goers enjoy iconic lines from movies?
  •  Personally, I like it when the movie switches between black-n-white and color. B&W for the beginning of the movie until he joins B.O.M and then back to B&W after the completion of their kidnap objective really lifted the scene accordingly to the mood intended.
Ok, so there you have it. My opinion. I can't allocate how many stars I'm going to give as it is not fair. Why don't you do it instead?;]

Trip to 9V studios

I just completed my trip to 9V studios at Duxton Road to do a DigiBeta tape transfer for the TVC that I was doing. It's going to be aired on the national television broadcast station later today[25th July 2011].
 If it is permissible to be uploaded. I'll let you guys know. For now, I need to catch up on my sleep. Migraine is catching up

Amazon: You have just purchased a manfrotto 561B

Ok so. I just purchased a manfrotto 561B from amazon. I am broke.Why? I didn't think Amazon would deduct the cost for the monopod immediately(unlike ebay which I'm used to). Anyway, I have just received what would be my buy of the year!. What I'm told is that this sweet thing is discontinued in Singapore. I have no idea why. Without further ado let's get to the features;

1) It has a mini tri-stand at the bottom which makes it stable[relatively]
2) It has a fluid head found on most video tripod
3) But it is essentially a monopod

Previously, with my other monopod, I've been able to do 'crane shots', 'make-shift steadicam shots'[ I tie a 1.5 litre bottle at the end to make it stable, somewhat] and most importantly, I can setup and tear down in an instant. I think it's a very important feature when doing events on the fly.

Here's a video I did from vimeo which shows you what I can do with any regular monopod;

Check out the link above. Eventhough it's done with a regular monopod, think of the possibilities if I had used the 561B instead. I think this monopod 561B is a worthwhile investment for any hdslr shooter.

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